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Related post: Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:59:08 -0800 (PST) From: Jenna de Rosa Subject: Reluctant Mary {Jenna}(F/F reluc)[1!_]The author underage underground porn permits any kind of archiving, posting, reposting, and reproduction in fixed form or otherwise, of this story. Copyright (C) 2001. This work is unsuitable for minors. This work contains graphic descriptions of sexual behavior between adult females underage cunt stories and adult females with minor females. The explicit nature of the story may be offensive. Descriptions, scenes, characters and situations are purely fictional and intended solely bikini nonnude underage for the entertainment of its readers. underage 14 xxx Send comments to: JennaTarpyahoo.comReluctant Mary Mary had to visit the doctor today. She'd had a heart attack a month ago and now she had a 'stress' test. As the song goes, Mary 'a dark haired beauty with big brown eyes' was a 45 year-old woman that didn't look 45. She never underage girl slip thought she'd ever have a heart attack, but she did. She had always tried to take care of teenie underage gratis herself and her body showed it, at least on the outside. Her curvaceous figure and large breasts were the envy of many women her age.When it came to matters of sex though, Mary wasn't all that. While she was excellent in bed, she was still kind of naive, even after all these years. Today would be one of those 'special' days.She arrived at the doctors' office and filled in the usual paperwork. The nurse led her to a room with an examination table. She was instructed to remove her clothes and lie on the table. Hesitant she began the process. Mary always felt uncomfortable about being naked in front of others and the prospect of being naked in the doctors' office was especially painful. She was out of the confines of the safety of her own bedroom where, even there, she still didn't like being naked.The nurse underage naturist girls tossed her a gown and told her to put it on with the opening to the front. This seemed very unusual to Mary who naked petite underage immediately questioned the practice. The nurse, sensing asian rape underage her uneasiness, told her it was because they needed to hook up wires for the EKG and the doctor would need to listen to her underage bondage models heart during the test.All the reasons sounded legitimate, so she proceeded. Mary was always careful while undressing; making sure she never exposed her body. She'd hold up one garment to cover herself, while slipping another garment off underneath and today was no different. Eventually she finished and laid back on the table being careful to squeeze the gown closed.The female technician came in and began to stretch out several cables attached to a small box. She brought out another small box of sticky pads and placed them underage cum next to Mary's hip. Mary looked up at the pretty young woman and blushed when the tech asked her to let go of the gown. Mary whimpered, "do I have to?"The technician told her she was afraid so and smiled reassuringly. Mary reluctantly complied. Deep down she knew this underage litle girls was the only way for the young woman to apply the EKG harness so she relaxed her grip and placed her arms at her sides.Mary quietly gasped when the young woman grasp her wrists and placed her arms behind her head and told her to relax. She felt her nipples surge to hardness as the technician untied the top strap and then the next and the next and finally the last. She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt the gown slide off both sides of her body.She pics underage free peeked out rape girls underagexxx through tiny slits and watched the young woman's eye's roam her body from top to bottom and pause briefly on her freshly shaved vagina. Mary blushed when she saw the young woman's' eyes widen and a grin crease her lips. Mary had never shaved herself before, but she had a 'wild hair' for some reason a few nights earlier and just did it. Had she remembered about this licking underage pussy appointment, you can be sure she wouldn't have done it. Mary tried to squeeze her legs together to hide her bare vagina, but it wasn't enough.She relaxed when she felt the technician's hand on her knee pushing down in a 'relax, it's okay' kind of touch and let her knees fall open a little.As the technician applied the stickers to various parts of her body, she inadvertently touched asian underage models Mary's hard nipples. It was all Mary could do underage nude scenes to keep her hands behind her head. She squirmed with each light touch.The technician finished her work and re-covered Mary with nude underage paysites the gown by tossing the sides together. The doctor came in a few moments later and said she needed to double check the technician's work. Mary winced at the idea and tensed when the doctor re-opened the gown. The doctor, a beautiful woman, younger than Mary, immediately noticed Mary's shaved vagina and commented on it, asking her if she routinely did that. Mary blushed and said, "no," emphatically and squeezed her legs together.She felt the doctor's hand on her knee pushing downward and relaxed as her voice reassured her there was nothing wrong with the practice and that it was much more common than she probably imagined.The doctor asked her to stand up and put on her running shoes. Mary grasped the gown and covered herself as best she could and put on her shoes.Still grasping the gown, Mary was led to a large workout-like room that had a young underage ass row of treadmills and examination tables behind each one. Ultrasound machines and EKG machines accompanied each treadmill setup and large fans faced the treadmills nude underage magazines several feet in front. She stepped up on the treadmill when the doctor told her too and waited for further instruction. Mary started to tie her gown shut when the treadmill started. The doctor told her to forget about the gown, as she'd need to check her heart rate periodically anyway. Mary felt uncomfortable as she grabbed the handrails and started walking. She nervously looked around and tried to dog fuck underage balance herself and hold the gown shut with one hand anyway. just underage sexy There were several other patients, nurses and doctors in the glass walled room that sat adjacent to the food court.Despite the fact that the glass was smoked and small pot-planted trees lined the hallway that separated the workout room from the food court and attempted to provide a false barrier, Mary still disliked the idea of having her gown open exposing her self. She tightly clenched the gown at her waist with one hand and the dirty underage girls deep V she created ran neatly between her breasts.The doctor stood beside her as Mary watched people eating lunch only a few dozen feet in front of her. The doctor sensed Mary's uneasiness and told her that people couldn't really see in there and that she could relax. Mary tried to maintain her balance as the treadmill sped up, but found it increasingly difficult.Mary felt the doctor grab her wrist that held her gown closed and pull it to the underage pedoworld handrail. Reluctantly, she released her tight grasp and held on, fearing the doctor may scold her for being unsafe. Her gown fell open a bit and she prayed the ls nude underage front of the treadmill covered her from the view of the people in the food court.Mary gasped as the doctor placed the cold stethoscope on her chest and listened underage pedo twinks to her heart. She felt an unusual tingling sensation as her hand cupped her breast. She didn't notice that the doctor had inadvertently knocked the underage bizare videos gown open and uncovered her breasts. The gown now hung freely off both sides of her waist.Mary's breathing was increasing as the treadmill began to incline. She closed her eyes underaged boys hardcore and tried to concentrate on the task at hand. She didn't notice the increased attention she was generating in the food court. Customers stopped eating and stared in at her.As the treadmill began to speed up slightly every few minutes, the technician turned on a large fan that blew cool air into Mary's face. It also blew her gown open further. She felt her breasts bounce up and down and side-to-side as she tried to underage preeteen pedo keep up with the test. Mary was feeling exhausted as the fan blew harder and her gown and hair flew straight back.Mary's tiredness prevented her from realizing that she was exposing herself completely to the growing crowd in the food court. Happy customers underage sex delete stared in through the smoked glass, pointed and laughed as Mary bounced on the speeding treadmill.Her mind was reeling as the fatigue set in and Mary was finding it difficult to comprehend and focus. She barely understood when the technician grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm back while balancing her and slipping the gown off her arm. Mary tried to acknowledge her when the tech placed her hand back childfuck underage on the handrail, but Mary couldn't. She didn't even feel her other hand come off the handrail when she pulled the gown over her wrist and removed it completely.It was girls underage modles all she could do to keep up with xxx underaged porn increased activity. Through Mary's lightheadedness, she didn't realize that she was naked in front of the curious onlookers in the food court. All she knew was that her breasts were banging wildly on her chest and that her nipples ached. The stream of warm sweat that dripped between her buttocks felt strangely exhilarating and she liked it.Finally to her relief, the treadmill began to slow to a stop. Mary felt the hands of the technician grab her elbow and she followed the tech as she paraded her out to the hallway that led to the food court. Mary underage models naughty struggled to gain some semblance of reality as she stumbled, naked, past the crowded cafeteria.Through her tunnel vision and banging eardrums, she barely heard the technician ask if she minded her getting a coke underage naked photo before going back to the exam room. Mary was propped against a condiment table and asked to wait. Mary tried to smile at the customers as her fog began to clear and she looked around.Mary slowly began to gain her senses. model petite underage The banging in her head began to subside and she was able to see clearly again. As she glanced around kds underage illegal the room, she kept catching people staring at her underage american nude and quickly looking away when she made eye contact. She thought the behavior was odd, but chose to ignore it. Mary reached up and pushed her hair back with both hands as she leaned back against the condiment table. Her breasts were uplifted and pushed outward when underage porn downloads she raised her arms and pulled back her hair. She felt strangely aroused yet a little embarrassed by the increased attention she seemed to get.Mary leaned back on her elbows, underage torrent jutting her hips forward, fully exposing her freshly shaved cunt. She scanned the room and caught several people staring at her hips. She didn't understand what the curiosity was from. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to relax.The tech returned with her coke after a couple of minutes and led the naked and still exhausted Mary back to another exam room with yet another treadmill.The doctor underager nudes came in immediately and stepped nonude pics underage behind Mary and placed her hands on Mary's shoulders. Mary was pretty uncomfortable, she still tired and groggy. She told Mary to lie face down on the exam table. underage russian boy The tech sat nearby underage russians sluts to watch the proceedings and left the underage nude gymnastics exam room door open.The russian underaged model doctor talked to Mary as her hands squeezed Mary's upper back. The doctor let Mary know where she was going to touch and why. She underage gays porno worked her way down Mary's lower back underage kid cp and hips. She pressed on her low back with her thumbs and underage fuck pussy squeezed Mary's hips with her fingers. Mary loved massages and moaned when she did this. The sexy underage nympets doctor asked her if she felt any pain and Mary cooed, "nooo."The doctor kneaded her low underaged lesbian girls back and upper buttocks with her thumbs working in small circles. Each circular motion got lower and lower and spread Mary's buttocks apart. Mary moaned and relaxed. She tensed a little as the doctor's thumbs pressed close to her anus.The doctor spread Mary's legs underage teens free slightly as she peered at Mary's underage model posing asshole. She explained she needed to check her for polyps and asked the recovering Mary to slide off the edge of the exam underage hardcore sex table for her. She instructed Mary to bend forward at the waist and place her shoulders on the table and spread her feet slightly.Mary did as the doctor requested, not realizing that her naked ass was facing the open exam room door, which pointed down the hallway and into the waiting area. Neither did Mary realize the some young mothers and their children were watching her examination with great interest.Mary was still sweating as she leaned on the table and she underage anime hentai had finally caught her breath. She was comfortable supporting herself on the exam table and felt ready to take a nap.The doctor rubbed the back of Mary's buttocks some more and instructed her to relax. She pressed a greaseless finger deep into Mary's tight hole and Mary moaned, "Oooooohhhhh." The doctor's finger drove in and out several times, causing Mary to moan deeply, "m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m."Mary didn't understand why the doctor needed to do this, but was overtaken by strange feelings inside.The doctor pushed escorts florida underage outward on her thighs and Mary easily complied placing a foot on either side of the table. Mary was getting warm at the doctor's touch and was becoming pliable to her probing.The doctor told pictures underage models Mary she was going to check all the monitor locations and reached around her back and fondled her breasts with her right hand.Mary's eyes closed and she responded when the doctor asked if she was virgin pics underage okay, with a soothing "y-e-s-s". Her curvy frame was bent over allowing her breasts to hang freely, which made them easily manipulated by the doctor's firm grip. The doctor's incest underage sex left hand gently massaged Mary's buttock.Mary exhaled when she felt the underage forum sex doctor's thumb pressing against her anus while her fingers brushed the moist opening on her cunt. Her right hand slid down Mary's chest onto her stomach and pressed in with a flat palm. Mary didn't know what was happening russion underage bbs to her. She'd never been touched like this from a doctor before, but then again, she'd never real underage video had a heart attack before. If all doctors' exams felt this good she probably wouldn't mind coming russion underage sluts more often she underage model belle underage teens anal told herself. Mary pleasantly gasped when she felt one of the doctor's hands squeeze her vagina, while the other cupped a breast. She arched her back as she pressed against the doctor's hand.Mary was oozing pussy juice and the doctor could feel her wetness in the palm of hentai underage movies she hand. She continued to squeeze her pussy like a rubber workout ball eliciting soft moans from the compliant Mary. She could underage night clubs feel Mary pressing against her cartoon underage nudes hand as Mary's hips began to rock. The doctor determined that Mary was ready for the test to begin.Mary was partially brought back to reality when underage japanese passwords she felt a slap on her butt as the doctor horny indian underage smacked her ass and told her to step up on the treadmill. Only slightly aware of her surroundings, she did as she was told. Her mind was still foggy from being raised to the brink of orgasm and then quickly stopped. She hadn't fully recovered mentally from her ordeal as she listened underage nude photograph deliriously to underage girl lotita the doctor telling the technician to mount the illegal underage girl two additional probes and begin the test.Mary willingly spread her legs at the prodding from the technician as she placed a thick belt around her waist and ran a strap between her legs. Mary rolled her dee desi underage eyes and moaned as she felt something push against her pussy lips and then against her anus as the technician pulled the strap up tight against her ass. The wet and underaged treadmill belt started and Mary began to walk. As she did, she felt pressure against her pussy and her ass. She kicked her legs in wide sweeping strides to lessen the pressure as she walked. It felt like two small hotdog-shaped balloons were filling under her and they were working their way inside her. Within minutes she felt her pussy completely filled and her ass was too.The doctor explained that as her heart rate increased the pulsating of the device under her would also.The doctor was right too. When Mary's heart rate hit 80 bpm, the belt allowed the devices inside her to thump rhythmically. Every three minutes, the treadmill got steeper and faster and her heart rate did the same.By ten minutes, Mary was running and cream was flowing from her vagina saturating the belt underneath her. She underage teen nudist was breathing hard from the test and from the impending orgasm.As her heart hentay underage rate hit 125bpm she exploded with a massive orgasm and screamed, "A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!" as frothy cream covered the belt under her.The devices pulsed in and out of her ass and pussy in alternating strokes at the same rate as her heart. She tried to maintain her stride as the machine quickly came to a stop and allowed her lie back on the table to finish her orgasmic spasms.She flopped on the exam table face down and tried to catch her breath. She lay there motionless as her chest heaved and her body perspired. She closed her eyes and tried to come to grips with what just happened.In the meantime, the underage nude girls technician removed the belt teen nonude underage from Mary's waist and carefully retracted the two devices from Mary's ass underage french nudist and vagina. Both were coated with a mixture of perspiration and cum that had been worked into lather.While Mary lay on the table recovering the doctor and technician each shared one underage pics nudist of the devices and together they cleaned them with their tongues. For the two medical personnel, this was the equivalent underage sex cartoon of licking the beaters after making cookies.As Mary continued to recover, the doctor pushed Mary's buttocks opened and pushed her face into the tight opening and ran her tongue up Mary's crack. When Mary squirmed uncomfortably, the doctor reassured her that she was only cleaning the 'goo' off her from the test. The doctor felt Mary's ass cheeks relax and her legs fall open, so she proceeded to spread Mary's cheeks widely apart and lick her ass repeatedly.Mary moaned as she felt her anus tighten reflexively as the doctor's tongue swabbed her clean. Mary assumed the doctor's coarse tongue was trailer underage free some sort of cleaning underage girl fucking instrument and didn't give it a second thought. The contractions Mary felt on her anus transferred into her pussy and caused involuntary spasms there as well. She didn't understand why she was feeling such a heightened state of arousal from a simple clean-up procedure, but she was.Still woozy from the test and underaged russian teens the effects underage nude beauties it had at the end, Mary was especially sensitive to the cleaning her doctor was giving her. The sensations each swipe had on her was incredible. She moaned deeply and spread her legs slightly. She was loving the feelings and underage teen toplist figured as long as the doctor wanted to clean her she could.Mary's doctor was really getting into it. She held Mary's ass apart with both hands and pushed her face fully into Mary's cheeks. She pushed her tongue deep inside Mary's anus and darted it in and out often.Mary was so overwhelmed by the sensations from the doctor's cleaning that she didn't even underage illegal love realize the doctor had both hands underagegirls models on her ass, which would cause one to wonder 'how' putas underage she was 'cleaning' her. Mary began to underage nonnude gallery pant when she got closer to cumming. She wished the doctor would hurry up and finish. She felt like a dam was about to burst in her loin and she grit her teeth to hold it in. She wasn't sure what was happening to her, sex illegale underage but figured the doctor knew what underage petite porn she was doing.Mary tried to hold on until the doctor finished, but the feeling inside her was too much to hold inside for much longer. She didn't want to offend the doctor but she had to know underage bbs tgp how much longer it would be. Panting she asked, "A-re...you...almost...finished?"The doctor not wanting to stop her facial probe underage pussies galleries of Mary's as mumbled into her ass, "almothst."Mary couldn't hold it much longer. She was panting as the contractions in her ass were becoming too cp underage pic much and she felt her hips pumping on the table. She pleaded with doctor to finish, "please...hurry!"When the porn underage girle doctor didn't stop, Mary lost it. Her hips bucked underage plumper into the table as her ass flexed involuntarily when she came. Mary groaned, "O-o-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h-h!" as she squirted cum juice onto the exam table below her.As the spasms subsided and the doctors 'cleaning' ceased, Mary felt tremendous guilt at having just squirted on the table and she apologized profusely, "oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I underage anime xxx don't know best underage boysites what happened. I'm very sorry."The doctor comforted the embarrassed woman and told that everything was fine. She wiped her face and licked her lips as Mary dressed and left. Send comments to: jennatarpyahool.com
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